The Central Otago Wine Region

The Central Otago wine region

The Central Otago wine producing region, home to many of New Zealand’s premium wineries, is located near Queenstown. Steeped in early pioneering and gold mining history, this mountainous and rugged region has rapidly become a leading producer of high quality, cool-climate wines.

The single most important grape variety in the region is Pinot Noir, which in Central Otago produces wines of outstanding quality. There are also fine examples of Riesling, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. Central Otago’s secret is its unique microclimate and a passionate group of winemakers making wines that have an intensity of character and flavour only found in the great wine regions of the world.

A visit to Central Otago is a must for any traveller with an interest in discovering regional wines, local cuisine and New Zealand culture. The area offers an incredible diversity of scenery and activities to make this a must-visit holiday destination all year round. And Queenstown, with its international airport, is the ideal launching pad to explore the region.

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